27-31 AUGUST 2012, WARSAW

"After all, science is essentially international..."

Maria Skłodowska-Curie (1867-1934)
born in Warsaw

Invited Plenary Lectures

  • Francesco dell'Isola, Italy
    Contact interactions in generalized N-th gradient continua: mathematical foundations and a view to the applications

  • Zbigniew Kowalewski, Poland
    Interdisciplinary methods for damage assessment of materials subjected to creep and fatigue

  • Sebastien Mercier, France
    Multiple necking and dynamic damage problems

  • Dirk Mohr, France/USA
    Multi-axial static and dynamic experiments to investigate the effect of stress triaxiality and Lode angle on ductile fracture

  • Eugenio Onate, Spain
    Advances in the particle finite element method for multidisciplinary problems in solid mechanics

  • Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz, Poland
    Resultant thermodynamics of shells

  • Fabrizio Scarpa, UK
    Auxetics: From foams to composites and beyond

  • Stanisław Stupkiewicz, Poland
    Interfacial energy effects in micromechanical modelling of shape memory alloys

  • Dieter Weichert, Germany
    On recent progress in limit and shakedown analysis